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J's Bikes Racing

Terre Haute Cycling is Proud to announce the newest cycling venture in Terre Haute region, supporting competitive cycling in the Wabash Valley.

Licensed by USA Cycling as "Terre Haute Cycling", our goals are simple:

  • Grow the sport of competitive cycling in the Wabash Valley
  • Foster cycling talent of both young and the young at heart
  • Support the National Road Bicycle Club and other local cycling organizations
  • Provide another mode for local businesses and the Terre Haute community to support local cycling
  • Support "J's Bikes Racing" - the racing arm of the club

Starting in 2013, the J's Bikes Racing club began running the Monrovia Time Trial Series and co-hosted the USAC Indiana Time Trial Championship race in 2016.

J's Bikes owner Jerry Harnack has long been a supporter of area cycling and he is putting a lot of faith in our ability to do well on the competitive circuit.  We have also attracted several other businesses that are friendly to Terre Haute Cycling.  These businesses have all graciously given financial and technical support to J’s Bikes Cycling Club.

In order to be recognized on the racing scene and to show our support of the sponsors, we have created a cycling jersey and other clothing that is available for anyone to purchase.  You do not have to be a member of the racing team at all or make any racing commitment to purchase club clothing.  Membership provides some discounts for clothing and other benefits depending of number of events or races participated.

If you are interested in membership, learn more on the Membership page.




J's Bikes

MOD Pizza
(Womack Restaurants)

Sackrider & Company

Morgan Stanley

New Brunswick


Aukerman Law Office

Auto ER

Williams Aviation

Pawsitively Pampered


For general information about the J’s Bikes Cycling Club or joining the roster, send an email to president@jsbikesracing.com.

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